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Baton Rouge BARRE Classes

 At Southern Oaks Athletic Club we are always looking to provide our members with the best workouts for their money, and if you love dance, yoga, and Pilates, the BARRE workout is perfect for you! Our certified BARRE instructors will lead you through a one-hour total body workout that will tone your body while increasing your strength, cardio, and flexibility.

What is BARRE?

 Originally based on the movements of ballerinas, BARRE is named after the long bar that runs around dance studios and is used by dancers to warm up and stretch. BARRE combines ballet, yoga, and Pilates movements to help you build sculpted, lean muscles while avoiding the injuries and impact of dancing.

Each 60-minute BARRE class will begin with a warm-up session, followed by upper body and lower body exercises that help to strengthen your body and increase your flexibility. We also include abs exercises, and finish with more stretching to help your body’s recovery. No previous dance experience is required and BARRE is open to all fitness levels.

Benefits of BARRE Classes

BARRE classes offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Builds muscle while being easy on joints
  • Increased strength and flexibility
  • Total body workout with quick results
  • Fun, exciting workout environment
  • Exercise modifications for every age and experience level

Register for BARRE in Baton Rouge

Our BARRE classes are open to all of our Baton Rouge SOAC members, and are available in the morning and evenings for your convenience. To sign up for a Baton Rouge BARRE class, click here.