Baton Rouge Bootcamp Classes

This class incorporates functional training exercises for the complete body using free weights, bar bells, resistance bands, stability balls and more. This works out the entire body.

What is Fitness Bootcamp?

Based on military-style training, Fitness Bootcamp classes offer a different type of training environment and are great for people who get bored in a normal gym setting. The team setting in Bootcamp promotes an environment of support and participants often build lasting friendships with other members.

In a typical Fitness Bootcamp class, participants are put through a circuit-type course of different exercises, combining weight training and cardio elements that will help you build muscle, improve overall fitness, and tone your body.

Benefits of Fitness Bootcamp

Bootcamp classes are available for every skill and fitness level and offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Improved cardio fitness
  • Increased confidence
  • Fun, social environment

Register for Fitness Bootcamp in Baton Rouge

Our Bootcamp classes are open to all of our Baton Rouge SOAC members and are available in the morning and evenings for your convenience. To learn more about our complete fitness class schedule, and to sign up for a Baton Rouge Fitness Bootcamp class, click here.