RIP 60 baton rouge

Baton Rouge RIP:60 Classes

Are you ready for the best total body workout you can get in 60 minutes?

RIP:60 is a total body fitness program that will change the way you look, feel and move. Using a four-tier program consisting of progressive programming, constant motion, versatile movements and power of rotation, RIP:60 relies on the user’s own body weight for resistance, making it the perfect exercise for all fitness levels.

What is the RIP:60 Workout?  

The RIP:60 Workout uses the principles of suspended rotation, which forces the body to balance and stabilize throughout every move of the routine. Combining cardio and resistance training, RIP:60 is a great way to lose weight while building strength. In addition, the RIP:60 Workout helps improve flexibility and endurance.

Because of the RIP:60 design, and the fact that each person is able to work out at their own pace, this program is great for any fitness level. Classes are designed so the instructor can work with our members to gain the most benefit from each workout.

The RIP:60 Formula

Each RIP:60 class uses a proven formula to get the best results from the workout.

  1. Power of Rotation – The RIP:60 allows you to rotate during your workout in a way similar to the way you move in your daily life. Along with natural movement, the Power of Rotation helps build core strength, which vastly improves fitness levels.
  2. Progressive Programming – Whether you are completely new to exercise or a conditioned athlete, the RIP:60 Workout system offers something for everyone. The key to this is Progressive Programming, which starts users at the most basic movements, and builds them up through more complicated and challenging movements.
  3. Constant Motion – RIP:60 allows users to perform the movements from Progressive Programming without having to stop to rest or adjust the weight. If the user gets tired, simply stepping backward or forward to adjust the amount of resistance is all that is needed.
  4. Versatile Movements – The RIP:60 program allows for hundreds of movement patterns and thousands of movements that can be used to strengthen the body, burn fat, tone specific areas and improve flexibility. And with the ability to vary the degree of difficulty, the RIP:60 will always provide a challenge.

Register for RIP:60 Classes in Baton Rouge

If you are ready for a fun, unique challenge, our RIP:60 classes are open to all of our Baton Rouge SOAC members, and are available in the morning and evenings for your convenience. To learn more about our complete fitness class schedule, and to sign up for a Baton Rouge RIP:60 Workout class, click here.