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Baton Rouge Zumba Classes

Looking for Zumba classes in Baton Rouge? Southern Oaks Athletic Club is pleased to offer fun and exciting Zumba dance classes to all of our club members. Featuring exotic dance rhythms set to high-energy Latin, international, and modern beats, Zumba participants get fit and improve their energy levels before they even know it. It’s the perfect combination for many people!

What is Zumba?

Created during the 1990’s by Columbian dancer, Alberto Perez, when he forgot an aerobics tape, Alberto went back to his car, listened to music, and improvised a class using the non-traditional salsa and merengue music. After finding success in Columbia, Alberto moved to the US in 2001 and produced the first demo for the Zumba fitness program.

Zumba classes are an hour long and taught by instructors that have been licensed by Zumba Fitness, LLC. Classes consist of aerobic movements to fast and slow rhythms along with resistance training to provide a full-body aerobic workout.

Benefits of Zumba Dance

Zumba classes from Southern Oaks are designed for all fitness levels and allow practitioners to go at their own pace. Zumba offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Weight Loss
  • Total Body Toning
  • Fun, Exciting Classes
  • Works for All Ages
  • Stress Relief
  • Social Fitness Classes
  • Increased Body Awareness
  • Increased Happiness

And those are just a few of the many benefits of regular Zumba practice. By beginning a Zumba dance regimen you will look at feel better in no time.

Register for Zumba Dance Classes in Baton Rouge

Our Zumba classes are open to all of our Baton Rouge SOAC members, and are available in the morning and evenings for your convenience. To learn more about our complete fitness class schedule, and to sign up for a Baton Rouge Zumba class, click here.