Baton Rouge Tennis Club Offers Tennis Lessons for Kids

baton rouge tennis lessons for kids

Southern Oaks Athletic Club (SOAC) is a Baton Rouge tennis club which fully believes that kids or juniors should have access to high quality tennis lessons from a young age, regardless of skill level. This can only serve to increase the skill level with which our young players compete.

Tennis Lessons for Kids & Juniors

Southern Oaks Athletic Club in Baton Rouge, offers high quality tennis lessons for kids aged 3 to 18. Regardless of their skill level, SOAC can find the most appropriate level for them to take lessons. Our instructors are committed professionals who want to see that junior tennis players are able to reach their potential while having fun in a safe, clean, structured environment.

Tennis Lessons By Age Group

Southern Oaks Athletic Club offers a number of different classes within the Junior Development Program, including:

Each lesson group is developed for the respective age groups. Students benefit from lessons that have been developed, and are delivered, at their level of understanding and skill.

Why Southern Oaks Athletic Club?

Whether you’re playing or learning tennis, Southern Oaks Athletic Club is the right place to go. SOAC has five lighted hard courts, four lighted hydro clay courts, and two mini tennis courts. We employ tennis professionals, have ball machines, and offer private lessons, too.

Contact A Baton Rouge Tennis Club: SOAC

If you are interested in signing up for tennis lessons for your kids or junior tennis lessons for anyone under the age of 18, click here to learn more or register for lessons for various age-groups. We welcome any and all inquiries about times, days, pricing, or skill levels. If you want to contact us directly, you can fill out the form below or call (225) 756-7485.