Southern Oaks Athletic Club is the premier facility for summer camps in the Baton Rouge area. Kids of all ages have access to a number of great amenities and counselors. We offer a fun and safe environment for anything from themed games/activities, kids cardio, crafts, swimming, tennis and more. We want to help make your life easier at SOAC… let us handle the kiddos!

Membership TypeFull Day/WKHalf Day/WK
SOAC Member$190$120
Non Member / Green Trails$210$140
Per Day Rate
SOAC Member$50
Non Member / Green Trails$60

Early Drop Off 7:30am & Late Pick Up 4:30pm $10 Day/$35 Week

*Your Account or Credit Card Will Be Charged The Week Prior To Attendance*

SOAC FAST Camp 2020 Registration

Summer Day Camp
    Added $10 day or $35 for the week
    Added $10 day or $35 for the week
    Added $10 day or $35 for the week
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