Personal Trainers

At Southern Oaks Athletic Club, we are serious about fitness and helping our members improve their health. We have some of the top personal trainers in the area on staff to make sure you get the best instruction to reach your fitness goals. Our personal trainers in Baton Rouge focus on improving your fitness quickly, efficiently, and in a health-conscious way.


  • Paul Stradley


    Email:  [email protected]

    Cell: 225-315-0100

    “Confidence through Fitness”

    Everyone has a starting point for their fitness journey. No matter where you are in your journey I can help you reach further and improve your fitness level. Being fit will make you feel better and stronger giving you a huge confidence boost. I believe I can lift your confidence level with a fitness plan that will improve your strength, flexibility, and endurance. I like to combine exercise disciplines such as resistance training, circuit training, interval training, cardio and even some yoga so you will never get bored.

    I am AFAA certified and have been a SOAC member for over three years. I am also very proud to have been married for 32 years and have three children.

    I enjoy working with people, teaching proper form and technique, and helping them to reach new milestones in their lives. I really do believe in “Confidence through Fitness”.