Southern Oaks Athletic Club Fun Zone is designed to entertain the kids in a safe area, while you take some time to enjoy the club. Our caring staff will make sure the kids have a good time, play some games, and watch some of their favorite videos.  It is a fun and exciting place that children, ages 1-13 years old, can enjoy.   

SOAC’s Fun Zone is NOT a day care facility and does not provide individualized babysitting. We make every effort possible to make your child’s visit a happy and healthy experience. Our trained and CPR certified attendants provide comfort and supervision for the children of members.

General Policies and Procedures

The Fun Zone has a 1.5-hour limit per child per day (only one visit per day). SOAC reserves the right to contact parent(s) if more than 5 minutes have passed beyond the 1.5-hour limit.

Parents must remain on site while their child is in Fun Zone.  SOAC does not provide childcare for the purpose of running errands, shopping, appointments, etc.

SOAC reserves the right to limit the number of children in attendance. Reservations are required.

Child must be an active SOAC member to receive visits to Fun Zone. This amenity is included in SOAC’s family memberships.

Check In / Check Out Procedures

Children must be signed in and out upon arrival and departure by their own parents/guardian. This procedure allows attendants to notify parents in the case of an emergency or if a problem requires parental assistance. We will check the identification of all unfamiliar faces picking up children from SOAC.

SOAC will NOT be responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen, or broken.


SOAC staff has the authority to put a child in time out or to notify child’s parents. Attendants have been instructed to locate a child’s parent or guardian if the child is upset for longer than 10 minutes. All attendants will make every effort possible to calm a child. Should our attempts fail, the child will be returned to the parent’s care immediately.  


ABSOLUTELY NO SICK CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED IN FUN ZONE AT ANY TIME. Members’ children will not be allowed to stay in Fun Zone if our staff feels that they may be ill. Staff may request written documentation from a physician to verify that a child who appears ill is not contagious. Attendants reserve the right to interrupt a member’s workout if they feel a child is posing a health risk to other children. Additionally, Fun Zone may be short-staffed at times if an employee is gone due to illness. In this instance, we will only allow as many children as our ratio policy permits; some children may be turned away to ensure safety in these instances.

Food and Drink

Children must be fed prior to their visit. Because of allergies and health concerns, we do not allow food in Fun Zone. Please use only spill-proof containers, or cups with secure lids for drinks and they must be labeled with the child’s full name.

Fun Zone Rules

  • These policies apply to ALL “Legal Dependents” of MEMBERS that are 1-13 years of age.  These rules and policies have been established for the benefit and safety of your child. Safety is our number one concern here in SOAC’s Fun Zone.
  • Following these rules can greatly help insure the safety of ALL children utilizing our facility. 
  •  No food allowed. Bottles or covered drinks are allowed, but must be labeled with child’s first and last name. 
  •  No gum chewing. 
  •  Children left in the fun zone should have no money (especially coins). 
  •  SOAC staff is not allowed to administer medications. 
  •  Socks, shoes or both must be worn at all times while in Fun Zone. 
  •  Children with possible infectious illness should be left at home. They should not have the following within the last 24 hours: colds, runny noses with discolored mucus, pink eye, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, or any communicable illness, (i.e. chicken pox). 
  •  You may be asked to pick up your child if they are inconsolable. 
  •  Children 1-13 years of age unattended (directly supervised by the legal guardian) must be in the Fun Zone. 
  •  No outside toys allowed. 
  •  SOAC is not a Licensed Day Care, we only provide a “Nursery Service” for our members with the main goal being to keep your child safe while at our facility. 
  •  The legal guardian must remain on the premises at all times. 
  •  Prior to dropping off your child, please be certain that they have had a clean diaper change. We will not change any diapers.  Parents will be notified if diaper change is needed and must attend to this. 
  •  There is a limit of 1.5 hours per day, per child.  We will charge $2.50 per 15 minutes over this allotted time.
  •  You must be the legal guardian of the child you are dropping off. 
  •  SOAC reserves the right to change or amend these policies with notice to be posted.
  •  The toys are disinfected and washed to help with the prevention and spread of germs. 
  •  NOTE: In specific circumstances, SOAC reserves the right to limit access to the Fun Zone to any child we feel may create a threat to the other children utilizing the facility (i.e.: biting – if there are three incidences of biting, the child will not be able to be left in the nursery, disciplinary problems and/or illness concerns. Others may apply.)