Baton Rouge Yoga Classes Help Parents Find Balance

Baton Rouge Yoga Classes, SOAC

We all lead very hectic lives. After a full day of work, we’re picking up the kids from school and then bringing the kids to soccer practice, followed by cleaning up the house and making sure everyone is fed. The life of a parent is a full-time job. Unlike at work, though, the vacation package is very limited. Parents have to find their balance of being busy and being relaxed, sometimes creatively. A nap once or twice a week isn’t going to give you the recharge you need. At Southern Oaks Athletic Club, we offer the Baton Rouge yoga classes that can help you get your mind and spirit at ease.

How Can Yoga Benefit You?

Yoga is a well-known practice that brings together the body, mind and your breathing in a seamless conversation. Here are just a few benefits of regular yoga practice:

  1. Holistic Wellness – Not only does yoga give you exercise for your muscles, more importantly it creates an emotional and mental balance. Classes will help you improve your breathing, posture, and meditation techniques. Upon finishing a yoga class, you can expect to feel a sense of refresh.
  2. Weight loss – Once you have created a routine with Baton Rouge yoga classes, you can start to lose weight and keep it off. One of the beautiful things about yoga is that it helps you be more thoughtful in your daily routine, bringing you better decisions on not only the food you eat but in the activity you partake.  
  3. Relieve Stress – As parents, we know your life can become very stressful on a number of accounts at any time. Yoga classes can help to bring a sense of calm to your routine. Once you generate some form of focus on your own body and mind, you can regain the structure you once had and the peace of mind you need.
  4. Better Awareness – How often are you just waiting till the end of the day to get here so you can rest and have some quiet time? With yoga, you are retaining focus on specific body parts. You are generating a routine of focus and awareness allowing you to stop for a moment. Stopping will let you rest your mind, and be better aware of your surroundings.
  5. Immune System Improvements –  Many of the poses you’ll experience in yoga classes are specifically designed to massage organs, increase blood flow, and strengthen your muscles. Our teachers will teach you new breathing techniques. You’ll begin to feel your immune system become more and more powerful with practice.
  6. Improved Flexibility – As you can imagine, some yoga poses cause you to be in a position you’ve probably never seen yourself in. Over time, these positions can make your body more limber and overall more flexible. On top of the extra flexibility, with regular practice, yoga can also increase your strength and agility.
  7. Increased Energy – Our daily lives can exhaust us at times, but with regular exercise we can fight back and retain that energy we once felt. Even a quick yoga session can help you re-focus and feel fresh again! You’ll be energized to maybe even decrease your coffee intake over time!

Get Started With Baton Rouge Yoga Classes!

Parents have a non-stop job, but there is hope to find that balance you once had. SOAC has the yoga classes you need to start feeling your best again. If you are ready to start your new workout routine with yoga classes, register here! Our staff is also available for any questions you may have about our routines, schedules or expectations at 225-756-7485. Get started today!