The Best of Baton Rouge Yoga Classes

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Seeking Yoga Classes in Baton Rouge?

We get it. You are tired after working a long day, driving the kids to and from soccer practice, making dinner, running errands, etc. At Southern Oaks Athletic Club, we have just the cure. We provide yoga classes in Baton Rouge that offer flexibility around your schedule. Our classes are not only an escape from reality, but improve your overall health and well-being. Discover a workout like no other, at Southern Oaks’ yoga classes in Baton Rouge.    

Flex Your Comfort Zone

Without challenge, there is no growth. Our yoga classes are just what the doctor ordered. Yoga has a plethora of benefits besides the obvious improvement in muscle movement and flexibility. Yoga has been proven to boost mood, develop a stronger immunity system, increase happiness, and improve mental health. The physical benefits include increased muscle strength and tone, cardio and circulatory health, injury prevention, a surge in energy, improved posture, reduced insomnia, and even weight loss. Our Baton Rouge yoga classes test your physical and mental ability, so that you may become a true warrior.

Downward Dog with Southern Oaks Athletic Club

Calling all yogis in Baton Rouge. Our evening classes are great for winding down amongst the chaos in your life. Yoga has been a discipline practiced for thousands of years, and is continuing to grow in popularity. Our experienced and passionate instructors have crafted a regimen that reveres the yoga tradition by blending ancient terminology, admiration for the earth, and connection to others to produce a relaxing and challenging experience. Come experience the SOAC difference. Meet new people, flex outside your comfort zone, and root yourself in a enriching yoga community. After one of our yoga classes, you’ll be telling the world “Namaste” at Southern Oaks.  

Your Body Can’t Wait. Find Baton Rouge Yoga Classes!

At Southern Oaks, our mantra is “all are welcome”. We mean that. Our yogis are like our family, a family that is always expanding. If you are searching for a place to call your h(om)e, let us be your chakra. If you are already a SOAC member, view our schedule to see what time best suits you. If you are not a member, fill out the form below to receive more information on how to become a part of the SOAC family. We want to show you the best of Baton Rouge yoga classes. 

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