Sign Up For Baton Rouge Tennis Lessons This Fall

Baton Rouge Tennis

At Southern Oaks Athletic Club, we love all things fitness. Our team’s mission is centered around healthy lifestyles and fun ways to exercise. We understand this might be a new routine for some members, but we encourage everyone at all levels to participate in our activities! Everyone has to start somewhere! We are here to incorporate good, healthy habits into your day. One popular way to get up and get active is by signing up for Baton Rouge tennis lessons!

Baton Rouge Tennis Pros On Staff

We have the motivating tennis instructors you’re looking for, who will give you the one-on-one training to get you to the top of your game. No matter your skill level as you are starting out, our trainers can show you everything from the basics to the special coordination it takes to be a master, too. And most importantly, our trainers believe in you! Learn more about our highly skilled tennis instructors in Baton Rouge.

Incorporate Tennis Lessons Into Your Schedule

Southern Oaks Athletic Club also offers you many options for how long you will want to dedicate to tennis lessons per session. You can choose a half an hour, an hour, and hour and a half or two full hours of training with your instructor. With each option, you’ll be given time to learn, practice, get tips, watch demonstrations, and get comfortable with the sport. If you are interested in signing up with our one-on-one lessons, please learn more here.

We also really believe in the power of a team getting trained together. SOAC offers team lessons for groups of 4 or more! You will have the option to train for one hour, an hour and a half, or two hours. Our trainers are experienced with helping teams perform their best, so feel at ease with your friends or teammates practicing together! If you’re interested in signing up for team practice, please contact us here.

A Brief Look At The Health Benefits Of Tennis

Adding tennis practice to your regular daily or weekly routine can have significant health effects. First and foremost, you’ll gain better strength and agility because you are constantly moving and swinging the racket with great speed. Along with the swinging, you’ll also find your muscles to develop in your legs, arms and upper body. While in a match, you are focusing on your partner and competition, which is helping to align your hand-eye coordination. You’ll also have heart health benefits with your consistent activity on the court, which can help increase your cardiovascular stamina.

Become A Member Today!

Are you ready to incorporate a healthier lifestyle into your routine? It’s easy with SOAC! Southern Oaks Athletic Club offers tours of their state of the art facility – simply give us a call to schedule your walkthrough. You can check out the equipment we have for our members to use, amenities, various activities and classes, and of course our tennis courts. If you’re interested in becoming a member or learning more about our Baton Rouge tennis lessons, give us a call at 225-756-7485 or send us an email today!