Friendship Challenge Ladder

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1. Entry Fees: $75- The entry fee for the ladder entitles players to participate in all ladder events and activities from March 1st – November. Anyone joining the ladder after May 1st will pay 50% of the Season fee. Through out the season there will be two ladder tournaments and a Champions Finale (Top 8)  at the end of the season in August 5th.

2. Joining the Ladder: A person joining an existing ladderladder-cartoon-for-website-medium has one initial chance to challenge anyone in any position on the ladder. If he or she loses that challenge match they will then be placed on the bottom of the ladder and have to challenge to move up. The new ladder participant who wins that initial match moves into the position of the person they just defeated.

3. Playing Format: All matches will be the best of three sets, no-ad scoring. The third set, if needed, will be determined by a standard 10 point tie-breaker, with the match going to the first player to win TEN points first. All other aspects of fair play and conduct will follow USTA guidelines. Matches stopped for bad weather or similar reasons must be completed within one week or the leading player wins.

4. Challenge Guidelines: Players may challenge upwards a maximum of three positions. Challengers must issue the challenge to higher players. If challenged, you will have 10 days to “Accept” or “Deny” the challenge and ten days to play the match or the challenge will be considered a “forfeit” and the challenger will be granted the win, unless both players agree to an extension or the ladder director (Tennis Director) accepts a reasonable reason for a delay such as a challenged player being out of town or injured.

5. Time Between Challenges: To avoid excess challenges against any single player, no player may be challenged within one week of having played any challenge match.

6. Challenger Responsibilities: Challengers will make all needed court reservations and supply a new can of balls for the match. If there is a preferred court surface, the challenger may choose his or her court. The time of matches must be convenient to both players.

7. Reporting Scores: Winners of matches must report scores via

8. Post-Match Positions: If the higher position player wins the match, there is no change of position. If the challenger wins the match, he or she moves into the loser’s position and everyone in between moves down one place.

9. Questions or Suggestions: Please bring any suggestions to the ladder director, who is the final decision-maker for all disputes or questions. However, the ladder director may appoint an impartial ladder committee to rule on disputes as needed.

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