Summer’s The Perfect Time For Baton Rouge Tennis Lessons

baton rouge tennis lessons

Head Outside and Enjoy the Summer Weather

Finding ways to enjoy the outdoors during summer can be surprisingly difficult. You want to be outside, but you don’t want to have drive hours to get to nature. You enjoy the weather, but don’t enjoy the mosquitos. The perfect solution to this quandary may just be in right in your neighborhood: Baton Rouge tennis lessons at Southern Oaks Athletic Club. Getting to be outdoors while you work to improve a skillset is a great way to spend your summer. And by September 1, you may just find you have developed a new lifelong passion.

SOAC is the Perfect Place to Find Tennis Lessons in Baton Rouge

At Southern Oaks Athletic Club, we offer a wide array of Baton Rouge tennis lesson options: adult and youth instruction with tennis pros, a select team for youth competitors ages 12-18, tennis camp for students during both the winter and summer holidays, a summer fun league for adults, an adult beginner class, and more. No matter your skill level or your tennis goals, Baton Rouge tennis lessons at SOAC is a great place to find what you’re looking for.

You’ll Always Find What You’re Looking For

Not only does the Southern Oak Athletic Club offer a wide variety of ways to start Baton Rouge tennis lessons. It also offers all the facility and equipment you’ll need, including

  • Matchpoint: an easy web based doubles matching program
  • Hard Courts
  • Extreme Cushion Courts
  • Hydro Clay Courts
  • Pro Shop

And there’s no need to be intimidated. Our friendly staff will help you navigate all the options to find the exact thing you’re looking for.

Start Your Baton Rouge Tennis Lessons Today!

Don’t spend your summer cooped up inside. Stretch you legs and learn a new skill. No matter your experience level, Southern Oaks Athletic Club can help you get the most out of your Baton Rouge tennis lessons. Call today at225-756-7485 or fill out the form below to get more information on how to sign up!

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