Tennis Lessons in Baton Rouge Improve Your Health!

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Tennis Lessons in Baton Rouge Are Fun for the Whole Family!

Summer is the perfect time to get outdoors to learn new activities and go on new adventures with your family. After signing up your children for their own tennis lessons, sign yourself up for our adult tennis lessons in Baton Rouge! You’ll be a professional tennis-playing family in no time at all!

Whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking to learn new techniques, our knowledgeable staff can assist you no matter your proficiency level. At Southern Oaks Athletic Club (SOAC), we are prepared with tennis professionals from across Baton Rouge and top of the line facilities to help you feel more confident and learn more about rates for adult tennis lessons in Baton Rouge.

How Can Tennis Lessons Improve Your Health?  

Tennis is not just a sport to improve your hand-eye coordination, it also helps to boost your body’s health by focusing on important areas such as:

  1. Cardiovascular Health – Quick body movements and active play will increase your heart rate and sustain higher energy levels. In time, a one to two-hour tennis match will assist in decreasing your risk of heart disease, strokes and heart attacks.  
  2. Muscle Development – During tennis matches your body is constantly moving in every direction, often at various speeds. Paired with the arm engagements and core stabilizations, you’re getting a full-body dynamic workout while you play!  
  3. Cognitive Thinking – Tennis may seem simple to an outsider, but in reality the game is filled with nonstop strategy. Players are planning distance, angles, directions, and speeds simultaneously, which assists in brain development and overall alertness off the court.  
  4. Calorie Burning – As you might’ve guessed, tennis is a great workout! Playing tennis has been known to burn more calories than recreational cycling, dancing, volleyball or even dancing. During a typical game, players can burn anywhere from 400-600 calories.    

The Premier Location for Tennis Lessons in Baton Rouge

Come to SOAC today to check out what our facility has to offer. Southern Oaks is ready for any tennis experience levels with five lighted hard courts, four lighted hydro clay courts, and two mini-tennis courts. Along with our tennis professionals on staff, ball machines, personal or group lessons, you’ll be well-equipped to take on any tennis challenge!

Contact Southern Oaks Athletic Club Today!

If you’re interested in scheduling your adult tennis lessons in Baton Rouge, click here for more information on registration and fees. Please fill out the contact form below with any specific questions or you may have about your upcoming adult tennis lessons. For phone inquiries, please call (225) 756-7485.