Along with our traditional hard courts and Hydro Clay courts, Southern Oaks athletic Club is proud to offer two Extreme Cushion Hard Courts for our tennis members. The first in the Baton Rouge area, our Extreme Cushion hard courts are a unique experience for Southern Oaks members that will have your joints, knees and back thanking you.

What are Extreme Cushion Tennis Courts?

Unlike traditional hard courts, our Extreme Cushion courts use a cushion foundation covered with an acrylic hard court surface that allows the tennis ball to react like you are playing on a hard court while your body enjoys `the comfort of the base. This means added benefits, including:

  • Play Longer and Harder – Playing on traditional tennis hard courts can be brutal for your body. Extreme Cushion hard courts relieve a lot of that stress, allowing you to play longer to help maximize your game.
  • A Noticeable, Subtle Difference – Any concerns you may have about our Extreme Cushion being too extreme can be thrown out the window. While these court systems are nearly twice as soft as more traditional hard courts, the playability is virtually the same. You will not notice a difference.

At Southern Oaks Athletic Club, we are always looking for ways to ensure our members receive the very best health and fitness experience possible. Our Extreme Cushion court systems are just one more way to help make Southern Oaks the destination for Baton Rouge fitness enthusiasts!