When you want the experience of playing like the pros, traditional hard courts are the way to go. Made from a more rigid material, hard courts offer greater consistency and bounce than other outdoor surfaces. For this reason, professional tournaments, such as the US Open and Australian Open are played on hard court surfaces. At Southern Oaks Athletic Club, you have the option of playing on one of several hard courts, along with other court options.

Benefits of  Hard Tennis Courts

What makes hard courts so fast is the relative firm and smooth surface. This means that when a ball strikes the surface it encounters less friction to slow it down, as well as fewer protrusions to push it upward. A faster court means a number of things:

  • Less Reaction Time – Since the ball is moving at a faster rate, it means less reaction time for the players. This allows players to hit winners more often, and improves the reaction time of players.
  • Develop Your Game– Playing on a faster court, such as traditional hard courts, encourages players to develop an all-court game. It helps to improve slices, volleys, approach shots, and other shots that they may not get the opportunity to use as much on other court types.

At Southern Oaks Athletic Club, we are always looking for ways to ensure our members receive the very best health and fitness experience possible. Our traditional hard courts are just one more way to help make Southern Oaks the destination for Baton Rouge fitness enthusiasts!