Heavy Hitters: Middle School – High School

A & B Groups

(12-18 Years old)

Tuesdays and/or Thursdays


Rain Policy: On the first day of the week that it rains we will train inside. If it rains the second day(both days) we will reschedule for the very next  Saturday  8am.  If you are in doubt as to what we are doing call Greg 318-548-4307

Heavy Hitters (A/B) = are our High School/Middle School groups that feature a Game Based Approach concentrating on tactical & strategic development, modern technical development and court movement. We offer these players the same level of instruction as an Academy players but it is tailored to a player who may just be starting out or not able to commit to the time necessary  for Academy play.

Southern Oaks Athletic Club is committed to providing the very highest quality of tennis lessons for high school and junior players. We provide a fun, challenging, environment in which players can challenge themselves and each other.

Group “A”: Designed for High School players ages 14-18 that belong to a High School Team. 
Group “B”: Designed for junior players ages 12-15 that are preparing to compete on a Freshman High School Team.