Find Your Fitness in Baton Rouge

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Looking For Your Fitness Motivation?

Getting into good fitness habits can be hard. The Southern Oaks Athletic Club offers lots of options for its members to find the workout that’s best for them. No matter if you prefer to be indoors, outdoors, wet, or dry, SOAC can help you get into the fitness routine no matter what. Keep reading for some great options for fitness in Baton Rouge offered by the Southern Oaks Athletic Club.

Tennis Fitness In Baton Rouge

Working on your tennis game is a great way to stay fit while keeping your mind engaged. Fitness in Baton Rouge doesn’t have to revolve around football or baseball (although we do love our Tigers). Sweating it out on SOAC’s clay or hard courts is a great way to get a cardio workout and our instructors work with all skill levels from beginners to pros. SOAC is also a great place to connect with other tennis enthusiasts through our tournaments, camps, and doubles matching program.

Group Classes Help You Find Your Stride

For those looking for a wide variety of exercise options to keep them engaged in fitness in Baton Rouge, SOAC’s group classes are a great option. Covering a wide variety of fitness areas, group classes bring you boutique fitness options without locking you into one type of workout. At SOAC, you can take classes in:

No matter the type of workout you’re looking for, SOAC’s group classes have it. And it doesn’t matter how old you are. We have classes specifically for kids and even those over 50. You’re never too young or old to enjoy fitness in Baton Rouge.

Splash Away The Summer Heat At The SOAC Pool

With the heat of Louisiana, you can find a better workout than water-based exercise. SOAC offers a wide variety of aqua workouts, including swim lessons, swim teams, and lap pools.

Swim lessons are a great way to introduce kids to the lifelong joys of the water while also giving them the skills to keep themselves safe. Our instructors are devoted to helping kids feel comfortable and safe in the water. SOAC offers one-on-one lessons, semi-private lessons, and group swimming lessons.

Our lap pools are open March through October and accommodates those looking for an early morning swim or an evening cool down. SOAC also offers a salt water pool for those looking for a relaxing place to enjoy the water and sun.

SOAC Has The Perfect Activities For Kids

Keeping the kids active and occupied can be a full-time job in and of itself. At SOAC, we welcome 1-13 year olds to the Fun Zone: a great place for kids to hang out, do homework, and play. We also offer camps for students who are not in school, including the summer holidays and major school breaks such as the winter holidays. Allowing students to sample tennis, swimming, and arts and crafts keeps them active and gives them a chance to create great habits around fitness in Baton Rouge.

Personal Trainers Help You Achieve Your Fitness Best

Trying to achieve your fitness goals all on your own can seem nearly impossible. Our personal trainers understand that and are here to help you find your fitness stride through motivation and education. Our four personal trainers can help you define and achieve your goals regardless of whether you’re just starting out and need a helping hand or you’ve been working out for years and need help blasting through your latest plateau.

Ready To Get Into Fitness In Baton Rouge?

Contact Southern Oaks Athletic Club today to become a member! As you can see, SOAC has many options for every skill level and we’re sure you can find your favorite workout with us. Give us a call at (225) 756-7485 or fill out this contact form.

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