Baton Rouge Yoga Classes Help Parents Find Balance

We all lead very hectic lives. After a full day of work, we’re picking up the kids from school and then bringing the kids to soccer practice, followed by cleaning up the house and making sure everyone is fed. The life of a parent is a full-time job. Unlike at work, though, the vacation package […]

Find Your Fitness in Baton Rouge

Looking For Your Fitness Motivation? Getting into good fitness habits can be hard. The Southern Oaks Athletic Club offers lots of options for its members to find the workout that’s best for them. No matter if you prefer to be indoors, outdoors, wet, or dry, SOAC can help you get into the fitness routine no […]

Summer’s The Perfect Time For Baton Rouge Tennis Lessons

Head Outside and Enjoy the Summer Weather Finding ways to enjoy the outdoors during summer can be surprisingly difficult. You want to be outside, but you don’t want to have drive hours to get to nature. You enjoy the weather, but don’t enjoy the mosquitos. The perfect solution to this quandary may just be in […]