We pride ourselves on offering quality fitness programs that are geared to our member’s needs. Our highly-trained instructors and staff members will help motivate you to become your best while watching closely to ensure that all of our classes are safe and fun.

With all Southern Oaks memberships, you get unlimited access to our gym, pool, tennis courts, and all of our fitness classes. Whether you are looking for cardio training, weight training, yoga, or cardio dance, we have fitness instructors on staff to meet your needs.

  • National Park Tour Challenge


    Choose a National Park you want to “visit” and begin your journey! Each workout (class, lap swim, tennis match, cardio session, etc) is worth 50 miles (no more than 50 miles per day… you need time to rest!). Track your daily travels by recording the date each time you work out in SOAC’s hallway.

    Our winner will be the person who travels the most miles. Visit as many parks as you wish, but keep in mind your miles are not counted unless your destination is reached.

    The National Park Tour Challenge starts October 1st and ends November 30th… let’s fall into fitness as Team SOAC!