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SOAC League

Southern Oaks provides the members to in house leagues throughout the year. Summer Fun League and Christmas Cup. These leagues are for all adults between the NTRP ratings of 2.5-4.5. If you are interested in playing one of these leagues please fill out this form so that we can have you on file as interested.

USTA League

SOAC has numerous teams that represent the club in the USTA Leagues.

USTA League, the country’s largest recreational tennis league, has more than 330,000 players nationwide competing in match play, meeting new people and enjoying the camaraderie of teammates in one of four national divisions (Adult, Senior, Super Senior and Mixed Doubles).

Play is based on the NTRP rating system so you will play with and against players of similar ability so even if you are new to the game or a former player, there’s a spot for you providing you are age 18 or older. USTA League also offers you and your teammates a chance to advance from local play to USTA League National Championship events.

As a USTA League player, you receive all the benefits of a USTA Membership, including early access to tickets, tennis publications and much more. Get started today! For more information on USTA leagues Click Here


Forming: December
Play Starts: January
Play Ends: May
Levels: 2.5 through 5.0
Play Format: 2 Singles, 3 Doubles (3.0, 3.5, 4.0 & 4.5) 1 Singles, 2 Doubles (2.5 & 5.0)


Forming: April and May
Play Starts: June
Play Ends: August
Levels: Combined 5.0 through 9.0
Play format: 3 Mixed Doubles Lines


Forming: August
Play Starts: September
Play Ends: November
Levels: Combined 5.5 through 9.5
Play Format: 3 Doubles Lines

*Filling out this form DOES NOT register you for a league. This form is merely  expressing and

interest in league play at SOAC so that we can help get you connected  to a team.*

SOAC/USTA League Interest Form