Baton Rouge Swim Team

SOAC Year-Round Swim Team

First and foremost, this will be a USA Swimming competitive year-round swim team. We will be competing all over the state and maybe out of state against many other teams. When we go to a meet, we will be representing Tiger Aquatics. 

What kind of groups will there be?

We will have two different level groups. The Sharks and the Pups groups. The Sharks group will consist of the more experienced and typically older kids while the Pups group will be the developmental group where we will develop their cardio and technique. The Coaches will assign kids into groups based on the kid’s need.

Email Leighanne at [email protected] for any questions about year round schedule, pricing, and coming to try it out.

SOAC Summer Swim Team 2018

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Email Leighanne at [email protected] for any questions.

The SOAC Swim Team is a member of the Greater Baton Rouge Swim League, which is composed of the Baton Rouge area country clubs, YMCAs, community clubs, and public pool. The summer swim team’s mission is to give swimmers a chance to learn about swimming, competition, exercise, opportunities to meet new friends, and have some fun. The swim team is composed of many different levels of swimmers and varying levels of dedication. Some are year-round swimmers and some are social swimmers looking for some fun with friends during the summer. We encourage all youth in our club to participate in our Baton Rouge swim team.

Team Information

To participate on the summer swim team, participants must be a member of Southern Oaks.

All children 5-18 years old who can safely swim are welcome to join. The swim team coaches will work with all the children to strengthen their skills. The children will improve their swimming ability during the course of the summer, and learn new strokes. Keeping in mind that one on one attention is next to impossible with 70 plus swimmers, if your child wants to take swimming to a higher level, lessons are available, but not mandatory. The swim team is not a substitute for swimming lessons.