Where To Find Baton Rouge Fitness Classes


where to find baton rouge fitness classes

Southern Oaks Athletic Club offers a variety of Baton Rouge Fitness Classes so that you can find what you love. Whether you are a tennis aficionado, want to try something new such as aquatic fitness, or are preparing for swimsuit season with high-intensity training classes such a FIRE, there is something for everyone.

Variety of Fitness Classes

Southern Oaks Athletic Club knows that everyone is unique, and we try to cater to this by offering a wide variety of fitness classes for those of all fitness levels. If you like pumping weights, try our Pump class. If you want to stretch your flexibility, try Yoga. Get amped with our Kettlebell AMPD class. Do you love to dance? Try our challenging Zumba class that trains you to the beat. Here is a list of the different fitness classes we provide in Baton Rouge:

If you want to learn more about each workout class and what it offers, visit our Group X Class Descriptions page. There truly is something for everyone.

Flexibility For Your Hectic Schedule

We get it. Life can sometimes get hectic. Between work, family, errands, etc. there are too many things to do and not enough hours in the day. We cater to your busy schedule by providing a variety of fitness classes spanning from early morning to the evening time. We give you the flexibility to choose what class works best for your schedule and offer a user-friendly way to reserve your space in the class using our online Group X Class Schedule. We even offer classes on the weekends, to ensure that all of our members are catered to. No matter what time of day or what day of the week, you are always guaranteed to have a great workout with Southern Oaks Athletic Club!

Get in Shape with Southern Oaks

Our primary goal at Southern Oaks is to help you achieve yours! Our passionate and knowledgeable instructors are there to help you take your goals to the next level. All of our instructors are certified, have undergone the necessary background checks and are passionate about helping our members. We don’t just offer fitness classes. We offer a community of vibrant and goal oriented people dedicated to helping you achieve the best version of yourself. You will share sweat, and maybe some tears and blood with your instructors, so it’s important to have someone who will support you along the way.

Sign Up for Baton Rouge Fitness Classes!

As you can see, we don’t stop at just providing Baton Rouge fitness classes. We go above and beyond for our members to guarantee a good workout and a great time with a schedule that fits your lifestyle. If you are not a member yet and are interested in learning more, visit our membership page, or feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.